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Laws and Regulations Related to Wind Power Business

Law No. 30 (2007) on Energy and Law No. 30 (2009) on Electricity (Electricity Law) are the main laws that govern the electricity sector in Indonesia. 

At the policy level, in 2014, a national energy policy was ratified under Government Regulation No. 79 (2014) setting the plan for national energy management to ensure domestic energy security and support sustainable development. To achieve target on GR 79/2014, government issued Presidential Regulation Number 22 Year 2017 concerning the National Energy General Plan ( RUEN )

Power business implementation is regulated under Government Regulation No. 14 (2012) on Electricity Supply Business Activity, as amended by Government Regulation No. 23 (2014) (GR 14/2012). Additional regulations are enacted at the presidential, ministerial and director general level to administer technical matters, such as the procedures to obtain licences for electricity business, sale of power, and national and transnational interconnection. Provincial governments may also issue electricity regulations in line with the Electricity Law by virtue of the laws and regulations on regional autonomy. 

Furthermore, the price of electricity from renewable energy plants is regulated in the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 50 of 2017 concerning Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources for Electricity Supply

Then, to support the acceleration of electrification in rural Indonesia with the use of renewable energy sources as a source of electrical energy intended for underdeveloped rural areas, remote villages, border villages and small populated islands are regulated using Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 38 of 2016.

The government also plays a direct role in providing renewable energy based on renewable energy for disadvantaged rural areas, border areas and outer small islands with reference to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 12 of 2018 concerning Amendments to the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 39 of 2017 concerning the Implementation of Physical Activities in the Utilization of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation.