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  Chairman of The Indonesian Wind Energy Association (IWEA) /

Ketua Asosiasi Energi Angin Indonesia (AEAI)


As we are all aware, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has issued the Master Plan of National Energy (RUEN) in 2017. RUEN has set a target for wind energy utilization (installed capacity) in the national energy mix of 1.8 GW in 2025.

I am very happy with the development of wind power (PLTB) in Indonesia in the last few years, among these advances are;

  • After the inauguration of the operation of the first commercial power plant in Indonesia, namely 75 MW PLTB Sidrap in South Sulawesi in mid-2018, the end of 2019 will be inaugurated PLTB Jeneponto, also in South Sulawesi.
  • In the 2019-2028 of Master Plan of Electricity Supply (RUPTL) there are almost 1 GW of PLTB projects.
  • Government and wind power stakeholders established Road Map of Wind Energy early 2019 by providing; Planning program activities, implementation strategies and action plans to achieve the targets set. The Road Map identifies around 1.5 GW projects and potential PLTB projects.

At the request of the Director General of Electricity, the Indonesian Wind Energy Association (AEAI) has submitted input regarding the regulation of electricity purchase prices by PLN from Wind Power Plant. In the proposed regulation, the electricity price must be calculated based on economy; production costs, technology, capacity and location (site specific).

Furthermore, the proposed regulation is also to support the electricity sector in the industry 4.0. Electricity in the Era 4.0 opens up opportunities for greater supply of intermittent energy (wind and solar). The regulation also accommodates the needs of small-scale power plants, especially remote areas; small islands, coasts and borders in the framework also support a 100% electrification program.

In order to support the wind energy utilization in Indonesia, IWEA and Netherland Wind Energy Association (NWEA) are organizing Wind Days South East Asia 2020 comprises of Conference and Exhibition. The events will be held on Q1/2020 in Bali/Jakarta. 

Furthermore, I can also convey in the framework of developing and strengthening organizations, AEAI will carry out the 2nd National Conference (MUNAS ke 2) on November 2019 in Jakarta / Bandung. It is expected that more business entity related to wind energy will join the AEAI.

Jakarta, August 2019


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