“Asosiasi Energi Angin Indonesia – AEAI” or  Indonesia Wind Energy Association – IWEA  is an industrial association that was formed in 2014. The establishment of the AEAI encouraged by the government namely Directorate General of New Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation of Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources particularly Various Energy Directorate, to personal identity essays respond to the world growth of Wind Power  in the last 2 decades. This Industry Association can not be separated from Indonesia Wind Energy Society – MEAI that over the past few years has become a forum for professionals and observers of Wind & Power Energy . Birth of IWEA highly supported by WHyPGen Program, an UNDP – BPPT program during 2013 – 2016 which is very active and focused to promote and encourage the start and development of wind power plants in Indonesia. Birth of AEAI is also supported by a number of various companies;  developer of wind power plant ( IPP ) and manufacturing and wind turbine components which in recent years has been prepared to capture this business opportunity.

AEAI is a nonprofit organization accumulating developer of wind power plants  and wind turbine component manufacturing in Indonesia. AEAI is partners of the Central Government and Local Government in making policies to improve the utilization of Renewable Energy especially Wind Energy / Wind Power Power Plant in order to improve the robustness of the National Energy which in turn contributed to the economic that can increase the prosperity of the community, the nation and the Republic of Indonesia.

AEAI function is as a bridge of all stakeholders, among others;

Develop activities in the field of information, promotion, marketing, advocacy, mediation, consultations and discussions as well as all the activities that can improve the understanding of the creation of a shared vision among all "stakeholders". Provide input and establish cooperation with the government and support the Indonesian Government's efforts to develop dyslexia signs, triggers and do your homework kinds wind energy industry in Indonesia. Fostering partnerships with intuitions and abroad. The interests of members, to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions and regulations in force.