Vision & Mission


Government partners, industry and other stakeholders in the field of Wind Energy and Power Bayu in the development and utilization of Renewable Energy Wind Energy in Indonesia, especially in order to support energy security and national economic growth.


Encourage the creation of a conducive investment personal introduction essay climate in the development and utilization of wind energy through close cooperation and mutual benefits among all National Wind Energy / Wind Power Industries

Escorting Policy and Government's target in the development of Wind Energy to support Renewable Energy utilization in accordance to National Energy Policy 2050, which targets 30% contribution of Renewable Energy by 2050

Active in the development of human resources and the development of knowledge, expertise and technology related to wind energy / wind power in cooperation with all stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally

To socialize and educate the public about the potential, benefits and economics of Wind Energy & Wind Power, in order to create common perception and support for Wind Energy & Wind Power.


The availability of complete regulation in the field of Wind Energy & Wind Power particular selling price of electricity from wind "Feed in Tariff" and fiscal policy.

The availability Maps and Data of  Wind Indonesia potency 

Operation of several Wind power plants commercially ( IPP ) and reduced fuel and electricity subsidies in the operational areas of PLT Bayu

The growth of local Supporting Industries easy help homework words touse to create better essays as word starters (products and services) of Wind Energy & Power