Membership AEAI are; a limited liability company, institution or other legal entity that is engaged in Wind Power / Wind Energy;

a. Developer of Wind Power Plant (IPPs - Independent Power Producers)

b. Wind Turbines and Components Producer / Wind Turbine & Equipment Manufacturers

c. Contractors, Service Company and the Consultant / Contractor, Services & Consultant

d. Related Companies / Related Parties


AEAI Membership Benefits

  • Get updated information about the wind power business, regulations, government policies and other other than sekreatriat AEAI and through the exchange of information and experiences among members.
  • Can give their views, suggestions and opinions as a business players to be channeled and articulated to the government / regulator through Association channel.
  • Getting the extensive business network and focus in the field of wind power to build synergies, partnerships with business partners / investors nationally and internationally.
  • Improving intellectual abilities in the fields of technology, business, relationships and self-development through workshops, seminars and conventions held by AEAI


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